Nov 1989  –  Feb 1994

An unknown field in Leicestershire!
Autum 1990

A tent, in the middle of nowhere. Nobody remembers where, what or even who for?
However, we do recognise the photographer's car in front of the tent. So we know who took the shots...

Followed by a set taken within the Phoenix Car Park, Leicester, during the summer of 1991, by Ben Hocken.

Photo's: Richard Barnett and Ben Hocken

Rock & Reggae Festival, Nottingham.
July 27th 1991

Their 1st performance at Nottingham's annual event, The Rock & Reggae Festival, with the likes of Pitchshifter, Downfall & Concrete Sox. Featured within these photographs are James 'fat frozzling owl', Lee Toner, Lee Brewin, 'Little Mick' from 'Those Americans', Mike 'Sycophant' & Richard Parrish, to name but a few...

Photo's: Nick Day and Matthew Day

Abbey Park Festival, Leicester.
August 10th 1991

As the set progressed the crowd decided to join the band on stage, with frenzied enthusiasm. The security at the time were caught totally off guard - resulting in a few minor crowd injuries. The following year saw barricades placed between crowd and stage, for the first time.
The event was recorded and is now available on

Photo's: Nicola Colledge and Wayne Widdowson

Abbey Park Festival, Leicester.
August 15th 1992

For the second time running, the Scum Pups were invited to play at the park, now with their new bass player 'Cyd' Marcus Hessin. Once again, the crowd pushed boundaries by taking on the security behind the 'now in place' barrier - no casualties this time, however (if you don't count the band).

Photo's: Richard Barnett

Rock City, Nottingham.
March 7th 1992

This was the 2nd (pre-Glam) appearance for the 'Pups' at one of Nottingham's most renowned of nightspots. Crazyhead's guitarist Richard is seen here keeping an eye on how things were going. This night also saw the infamous appearance of the photographer's fish-eye lens... 'nuf said.

Photo's: Richard Barnett

The Underworld, Camden, London.
March 13th 1992

This night saw the appearance of the Gold shirt - once possession of 80's girl band 'Voice of the Beehive', given to Ian of Crazyhead whilst on tour. This act saw the official introduction of the Glam era for the band - to the amusement of Fudge Tunnel's Adrian Parkin.

Photo's: Richard Barnett
The Charlotte, Leicester.
Feb 22nd & May 9th 1992

As 'Babykill' reached no.17 in the Melody Maker indi album charts, the 'Pups' schedule included two shows at 'The Charlotte' within 3 months, promoting the album.

Photo's: Richard Barnett

The Warehouse, Derby.
4th May 1992

Clive's penultimate gig with the 'Pups', supporting Th'Faith Healers.

With arrangements finalised for the impending 'Shudder' E.P. and recording it only 3 weeks away, we eventually found Mr. Hessin to replace Clive!

Photo's: Richard Barnett

Fairview Studios, Hull.
June 1992

With only two weeks to learn the songs, Syd managed to record the 'Shudder' EP and push the band into new hights (of depravity).

Photo's: Richard Barnett

Slater Street , Frog Island, Leicester.
July 1992

Richard Barnett took full advantage of the laborious process of filming for the new EP by obtaining new shots for promotional material. A brave young Helen, who had to under go the same uncomfortable process of a glitter facelift, also starred in the video - later becoming a highly successful model in her own right.

Photo's: Richard Barnett

The Rex Club, Paris.
February 19th & 20th 1993

On their fist excursion to the continent, the 'Pups' hit the capital for a weekend. Consisting of a daytime gig in their high street Rough Trade store, a performance at the Rex Club and an interview on Paris radio.

Brittany and Paris, France.
Feb 1994

Their final visit to the continent, touring the length and breadth France. These shots show behind the scene activities ranging from gigs, parties, more gigs and the occasional spot of late evening Ornithology...

Photo's: Isabelle Vatan

Scum Pups and Fuse, Doncaster, UK.

The 'Pups' team up with Co single mates FUSE in a pub outside Doncaster. FUSE are: Wald (lead vocals/guitar), Russ (vocals/guitar), Tony (drums), and Boz (bass).

Photo's: Richard Barnett


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